About Us

Granite Partners is a Canadian private equity firm that targets profitable, well-managed, mid-market manufacturing and service companies with sales in the $10 million – $100 million range. Granite was founded in 1996.

Granite’s goal is to help entrepreneurs and owner-managers build upon and unlock the value they have created in their businesses.

Granite Partners is led by Doug Buchanan, a principal investing specialist with over 30 years of banking, corporate finance and M&A experience. He has been a Director of numerous private and public companies. Prior to the creation of Granite Partners, he was the President of Lincoln Capital Corporation.

He leads a group of committed investors experienced in the areas of banking and corporate finance, private and public markets and business strategy. These investors are highly successful business people with involvement in the real estate, manufacturing and service industries.

Granite Partners is currently looking for exceptional investment opportunities where entrepreneurs wish to liquefy some of the wealth tied up in their businesses and transfer some of the risk. These entrepreneurs still run their businesses and maintain a significant ownership. Granite adds the resources to grow the business and consolidate the industry.

Granite Partners specializes in two types of transactions:

Succession Planning thumb

Granite engineers and provides funding for these unique situations. These transactions provide business owners with an opportunity to liquefy a substantial portion of the value that they have built up in their businesses while allowing them to retain a significant ownership position in their companies.

Management Buyout thumb

Granite backs senior management teams who have the opportunity but not the resources or financial expertise to acquire businesses they have run on behalf of other corporations or third party owners.