Types of Transactions

Granite Partners is not all things to all people. We are not a venture capital firm nor a financial advisor. We are principal investors who specialize in three types of transactions.

Succession/Estate Planning Transactions

Granite Partners has a successful record of helping entrepreneurs and owner-managers unlock the value that they have built up in their businesses over the years. Granite’s transaction structures are creative and unique in the industry. They afford business owners with an opportunity to sell their business yet still own a meaningful minority interest in their companies. This allows business owners to liquefy a substantial portion of the business’s inherent value and “take their chips off the table.” Moreover, since Granite is not an operator, the entrepreneur may continue to run the business or eventually help groom a successor.

Since Granite Partners’ goal is to build the businesses in which it invests, the remaining minority interest provides an opportunity for a second significant capital gain.

Management Buyouts

Many times management is offered the first opportunity to purchase a business that they run on behalf of a corporation or third party investor. More often than not, however, these successful senior managers do not possess the financial resources nor the expertise required to consummate the acquisition. These situations always have a short time frame and require a partner who can react quickly and engineer the transaction to maximize value.

Granite Partners has the skills and financial resources available to ensure that these “once in a lifetime” opportunities are not missed. Simply put, Granite has everything it takes to get the deal done! We understand value; we are shrewd and fair negotiators; we have relationships with all of the banks and mezzanine lenders in addition to having a substantial amount of our own capital.

Shotgun Transactions

In situations where one business owner initiates the buy/sell provisions of a Shareholders’ Agreement, Granite Partners is the perfect partner. Since we are not burdened by institutional shareholders and the bureaucracy they impose, we can react with the speed required when a shotgun is pulled. We can provide a Letter of Intent within 24 hours and can get a deal closed in 30 days or less. We also know that the nature of this type of transaction demands a partner that understands and can get comfortable with value quickly. Granite Partners has the expertise and the experience.