Why Granite

Resources, Relationships, Expertise


We understand entrepreneurs

We are not an institutional fund. Our capital belongs to our partners and investors who are high net worth individuals and have made their fortunes in business. We think like business owners because many of our partners and investors are business owners. In addition, without the bureaucracy imposed by institutional investors, we can react very quickly.

Getting a deal done is more than writing a cheque

stock-photo-14377944-four-business-people-with-puzzleMaximizing value starts with negotiating the right deal and engineering the optimal balance sheet. If it was easy, anyone could do it, and it is not. Getting the deal consummated is complex and involves intermediaries, lender, lawyers and advisors. Granite has decades of experience managing these professionals and the process itself. Granite has made dozens of investments over the years. Experience is everything.

Our track record is unparalleled

We know the private and public markets; we understand value; we know the players. We possess all of the resources required, financial and otherwise, to get the deal done, on the best terms available as quickly as possible. We have demonstrated our ability to close deals and generate excellent returns for our financial and operating partners since we began.

We have been able to help our partners liquefy some of the wealth in their businesses and transfer some of the risk tied up in those businesses. We have helped them take their companies to new levels while still running their businesses and maintaining significant equity ownership. These entrepreneurs have used Granite’s capital to grow and consolidate their businesses.

Ask our Partners and Former Partners

It is not what you say about yourself as much as what others say about you. We invite any of our potential partners to ask our current or former partners of our investments about their successful experiences with Granite. Here are the experiences of three of those former partners:

Michael Holden – McLarens Canada (now Granite Claims Solutions)

Brian King – King-Reed Investigation Services (now CKR Global)

Bob Nigol – Former CEO of Henderson Structured Solutions